There’s no boulder or crevice that you can stick your head under or behind to get away from Rockstar’s latest game teases. Everyone, including someone on the International Space Station, I’m sure, is talking about the possibility of a Read Dead Redemption sequel.

Rocktstar is hinting at what appears to be a new entry in the Red Dead franchise on its Twitter, Facebook and the Rockstar Newswire blog. Don’t get excited though, it’s not confirming there’s a new game in the series just yet. Instead, it’s changed many of its logos to match the logo that’s used in Red Dead Redemption, the western open-world game that it launched on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2010. The game made its way to the Xbox One earlier this year through the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program. For years now, people have wondered whether there was a sequel to the game.

If the company is teasing a Red Dead Redemption sequel it’ll be the first time we’ve gotten anything out of the studio not related to Grand Theft Auto 5 since that game’s release. So let’s keep our fingers crossed. For its part, GameSpot believes that the studio could be teasing a PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption, which wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. Cross your fingers.

In the interest of full disclosure, here’s a secret that I don’t tell many people. I never played Red Dead Redemption. Go ahead, judge me in the comments.

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