While you were busy snoozing away last Wednesday evening, I was recording what I humbly consider to be the most awesome guest appearance on the Married Gamers podcast. You can listen to me take shots at the Star Wars franchise, talk about the video games I’m playing and attempt to convince others that a complete watch through of Gilmore Girls is in their best interest.

Host Lefty Brown, leads the hour-long conversation with myself and William Devereux from the Ion Canon podcast. I know, I know, I’m not married, but that’s ok. William isn’t married either. Also, I have a dog, so that accounts for something. We compared and contrasted Star Wars and Star Trek. We also talked at length about some great games we’re playing — and some games that aren’t so great. (I’m looking at you Star Trek Online.)

Be sure to give the podcast a listen if you think any of what I described might be of interest to you.

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