My mind hasn’t gotten through the spring yet and already we’re talking about this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Microsoft is already gearing up for the coming conference. It’s announced two Xbox E3 2017 related events in a single day. That’s on top of the bombshell announcement show management revealed about this year’s event earlier this week.

Every year Microsoft and Sony open the show with huge media events. In recent years, the Xbox briefing has always been on the Monday before the show officially begins. On social network site Twitter this morning the company confirmed that the Xbox E3 2017 Media Briefing is on Sunday, June 11th. Later on, Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the company would hold another Xbox Fanfest at this year’s show. Xbox Fanfest started in 2015 as a way to show the gaming community at large some love. Besides getting lucky attendees into parties, the FanFest team was also able to get fans into the show itself during the years it was closed to the public.

And that last bit brings us to the really big news. This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be open to all willing to pay for a ticket, which are now available for purchase from the show’s website.

I suspect that Microsoft is making the switch to a Sunday briefing to get out in front of all the other announcements taking place. The move worked well for Bethesda, which used a Sunday event to reveal Fallout 4 at E3 2015. The rest of the show was all about that game and its surprise reveal. Microsoft is going to need the attention; it’s already made clear its intention to reveal more about Project Scorpio this year.

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