Are you a Battlefield 1 player? Have you been patiently waiting with your premium subscription in hand to get more content for the old world shooter from Electronic Arts and DICE? The Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC arrives on Xbox One and more tomorrow.

Battlefield 1 The Shall Not Pass is just the first of what’s expected to be a total of four different expansions to the game. Launched late last year, Battlefield 1 stole hearts with its good looks and old-fashioned wartime game play. It seems that folks are finally tired of shooters set in the future, but maybe I’m projecting a bit.

There are four new maps in the expansion, Fort De Vaux, Verdun Heights, Soissons and Rupture. Rupture is all about capturing and holding the bridges over the Aisne River. Soissons features the game’s planes and tanks combat. Fort De Vaux is the place where the first major battle of World War 1 occurred. Expect some close quarters action there. Meanwhile, the Verdun Heights map is the area surrounding Fort De Vaux. As the maps are set in France, the French Army’s uniforms are included in the pack. New game modes and a new weapon are included.

You’ll need the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass to get up and running with They Shall Not Pass expansion on Xbox One and PC Tomorrow. It costs $49.99 for those that already have the game. Perhaps, as an act of mercy, Microsoft and EA have discounted the most expensive edition of Battlefield 1 to $77.88 through the Xbox Store.

Fear not person who doesn’t want to pay for the upgrade. The expansion is set to launch for everyone in just two weeks.

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