My self-imposed exile from all things work and productivity related has ended folks. It’s May 1st, the end of my Xbox vacation and the start of another year-long quest to get you the news about the games you need, the culture your mind craves and the jokes you wish I never told.

Technically, my first post back was this missive on how you can watch this year’s NBA Playoffs on Xbox One, but we’ll pretend like this post came first. Today is the first day as a 2017 Xbox MVP as well. Some of you already know this, but it’s worth shouting out again. Each year Xbox awards community members for the contributions to the program. I’ve been a Microsoft MVP since 2010. The last four years I’ve focused on the Xbox Community. I’m bringing all this up again because I want to say thank you for keeping me motivated and this site going. We’ll celebrate a little more later in the month, though I’m not sure how.

A two-week break means that the Xbox Community Hub is in need of content, which I’ll promptly be handling in over the next week. The Community Hub contains — or will contain in a few days time — a brief, chronological look at what’s coming to the community through 2017. Also, shout out to the guy who sent a message to my inbox remarking how surprised he was to find out I was African-American. I know, with all the talk of Star Trek, Masterpiece Mystery and lack of BET-related content, one could find it hard to discern these things.

Let’s get it.

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