If you prefer hearing me talk about entertainment to reading my thoughts on it, boy do I have a real treat for you. I’m podcasting again, and I’ve already shared my thoughts on Black Panther, television families and a few other topics you might find interesting.

The new podcast is called Hollywood Bacon, and it’s a partnership with the amazing Christa Charter and Lefty Brown. Christa is a copywriter and author of the Lexy Cooper mystery series. She also hosted a video show on Xbox Live for years. Lefty Brown is the host of The Married Gamers podcast and a few others. I’ve appeared on his show a few times to talk about the Xbox MVP Program and Star Trek.

We all have history with Xbox and gaming, but that’s not all that we talk about. Just listen to this episode about our favorite television families. (I know Claire and Francis Underwood are strange to bring up in this context, but hear me out, fam.) Each episode of the half-hour show includes a casual discussion of the week’s news, roundtable discussion and quick links to whatever we’re vibing on for the week. If any of that sounds interesting to you, check out the show and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. We drop new episodes every week.

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