Everyone will tell you that starting your own business or creating a side project takes cash and determination. What they don’t tell you is that it also takes surrounding yourself with some pretty great people. Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Documentary drives that message home.

Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Documentary goes behind the scenes of the Gamertag Radio podcast. The show, which now boasts big partnerships with media companies and working relationships gaming publishers, started in 2005. That’s before every NPR show had a podcast and iTunes even offered a podcast store.

More than a decade later, Gamertag Radio is still the best gaming podcast you can listen to, and that’s in large part to the personality and inspiration that shines through in the documentary. Danny, Peter and Paris are nice guys discussing and covering something they’re passionate about. Danny graciously agreed to an interview for enConnected Live in 2012, when he had to know my audience couldn’t fill a Ford Expedition. It was Peter and Paris that told me where to get my badge and what to expect at my first Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2015.

I should say, Gamertag Radio holds a special place in my podcast line-up. When I bought my Xbox 360 with my tax refund back in 2008, Gamertag Radio was the first gaming podcast I listened to. Each week, Danny and his crew had smart conversations about video games and the gaming console business. When there wasn’t a roundtable, the crew would drop insightful, detailed interviews with developers. They’re still doing all of this today in an industry that’s not known for the longevity of its stars or giving people a stable platform to speak their mind without backlash from fans.

If you’re interested in podcasting or people doing cool things, check out Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Documentary wherever you are. You can stream the film free on YouTube.

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