When you talk about video games a lot and spend hours on an Xbox One, people notice your Gamerscore isn’t exactly what anyone would describe as robust. The video footage above is a fairly recent example of why that is.

Folks, I’m absolutely trash at driving in video games. I’ve never publicly admitted as much, but I’ve always known. I knew it when I got fewer stars for closing cases in L.A. Noire for wrecking my squad car on the way back to the station. I remember I’m terrible at driving every time someone asks me to drive a Warthog in Halo and I run us into a squad of Covenant aliens or the wall of a cave.

At Microsoft’s Xbox MVP Summit, I got to play Forza 7 with a very cool guy that works on the Xbox Assist team. At one point, he pulled over to give me time to catch up. Microsoft’s head of gaming, Phil Spencer, was standing right behind me. Yeah, I took that L in front of a live audience. Ask anyone else who was there how bad my loss in Rocket League was.

So how does this impact my Gamerscore on Xbox Live? Almost every new game I’ve purchased in the last year is open-world. Unless the game has an alternative way of moving the character around, I’m forced to drive.

Now, is this the only reason I have a meh Gamerscore? No, I’m equally terrible at aiming guns. Luckily, there is no video footage of that.

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