Bethesda Softworks will reveal a Fallout-related surprise very, very soon. At least, that’s if a small teaser designed to spawn rumors of a new game leads to anything.

Bethesda posted the teaser image in question to its official Twitter profile around 8:30 AM this morning, May 29th. It’s made no official comments about the teaser to the public since, setting off rumors of a new game in the Fallout series. The teaser image the studio posted matches the future-retro look of previous Fallout announcements. That’s how we know whatever the company plans to announce is definitely related to the game franchise.

As for what’s being announced, there’s nothing but guesses to go on. Some think we can expect a remake of a previous game in the series for Nintendo Switch. That seems plausible, Nintendo is stacking updated releases of previous games for the console. It also possible that this could be a tease for an all-new Fallout game for all consoles. Afterall, Fallout 4, the last game in the series, debuted in 2015.

Whatever gets announced, I expect we’ll hear all about it at E3 2018. Bethesda’s showcase from the Electronic Entertainment Expo will begin on Sunday, June 12th at 6:30 PM. Don’t worry, they’re live streaming it on Twitch for everyone to watch.

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