DC Entertainment has finally confirmed when the DC Universe release date is. Turns out, out the video subscription service/hero fan club membership is coming sooner than you probably thought.

Hype is an amazing, curious thing. From time to time, companies like to spark hype by withholding release dates and other details, hoping you’ll drive yourself crazy with anticipation. After months of holding back, DC Entertainment confirmed the DC Universe release date is September 15th in a recent press release. I thought about celebrating the launch by watching all the DC Universe movies released thus far. Then I figured alien water torture was a better idea.

Seriously though, DC Universe seems like a pretty interesting idea for the comic book-loving crowd. My upcoming adventures in Spider-Man notwithstanding, DC has my all-time favorite crime fighters and I’m happy the company is doing something unique. For $7.99 a month or $74.99, subscribers will get exclusive shows to watch, a digital comic book library, a members-only store (not to be confused with the clothing brand that will get you made fun of in most circles), and streaming access to all the DC movies and TV shows that are already out there.

Look for my assessment of DC Universe sometime soon after its September 15th launch.

The service’s first exclusive show, Titans, arrives October 12th.

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