Don’t like playing games with the Xbox One controller? You’ll soon be able to enjoy some Xbox One games with a keyboard and mouse. Official Xbox One keyboard support is almost at hand.

Microsoft revealed official Xbox One keyboard support in a recent post on Xbox WireThat being said, the company has publicly toyed with the idea of keyboard support for Xbox One for years now. It’s good to finally hear there’s a plan to implement the feature. To put this into context, Microsoft first casually mentioned the possibility of Xbox One keyboard support when it first moved the Xbox One to Windows 10.

It seems almost all keyboards and mice that work on your PC will work with the Xbox One. If it connects through USB or a wireless receiver, you can use it to game. Microsoft is even teaming up with Razer to make sure its Chroma backlit keyboards and mice work perfectly with the console. That being said, don’t expect to be killing all your friends with the quickness of a keystroke by year’s end; it is up to developers to enable keyboard support in their games.

An update to Warframe will give Xbox One owners their first taste of keyboard support in an upcoming Xbox Insiders update. That’s the program that lets gamers test new features before they arrive for everyone else. Microsoft plans to announce a wider range of titles for keyboard and mouse support during the episode of Inside Xbox that airs on November 10th.

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