Get used to seeing Unsolved Mysteries in more than just your Amazon Prime Video list of unwatched shows. Everyone’s favorite subscription video service, Netflix, is breathing new life in to the crime show.

Unsolved Mysteries’ original producers are teaming up with the talent behind Stranger Things to unleash the classic’s particular branding of terrifying storytelling on a new crop of late night TV watchers. This return follows two years of the show’s original producers updating and adding previous seasons of the show to Prime Video. Judging by the season-long reintroduction that Netflix is planning, clearly I wasn’t the only one wasting away reliving the horror and certified weird of the 1990s night after night last summer.

There’s no word yet on when the new Unsolved Mysteries will premiere or who will host the show.

All this comes a week after Netflix jacked up its prices and made me rethink my continued subscription. Go figure.


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