Don’t hand a store clerk cash or add anything to your Amazon shopping cart until you completely understand State of Decay 2 pre-orders. Use this guide to learn all about them.

I wrote this State of Decay 2 pre-orders guide because it’s easy to get everything Microsoft is doing with this game’s release confused. It’s one of a small number of Xbox exclusive games coming in 2018. On top of that, it’s only the second Xbox exclusive to launch since Microsoft began adding new games to Xbox Game Pass on their release day.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, there are bonus packs for everyone that places State of Decay 2 pre-orders to consider. The bonus pack you get depends on where you purchase the game. Those power-ups may be crucial to helping you survive State of Decay 2’s undead hellscape early on.

You need to know all about State of Decay 2 pre-orders before the game launches on May 22nd. Let’s get started.

State of Decay 2 Editions

The most unusual thing about State of Decay 2 pre-orders is how much they cost. No matter what version of State of Decay 2 you buy, plan on spending less than you would have on any other high-profile Xbox game.

State of Decay 2 Standard Edition – $29.99

State of Decay 2 Standard Edition is the least expensive, most basic version of the game you can buy. You get a copy of the game and a pre-order pack with this edition.

If you like buying games on disc, GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon all have this version of the game. Choose whichever store you prefer. The Microsoft Store also sells physical and digital copies of State of Decay 2 Standard Edition.

Buying a digital copy of the game directly from Microsoft unlocks a copy of the game for your Windows 10 PC and another for your Xbox One.

State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition – $49.99

State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition costs $49.99. That’s $20 more than Standard Edition does.

That extra $20 gets you some perks and downloadable content. State of Decay 2 will get two major expansions in the future, and each of those packs are included with Ultimate Edition. Ultimate Edition also unlocks a free digital download of State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition. That’s the enhanced version of the first game.

The last reason you will want State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition is to play before anyone else. If you buy Ultimate Edition, you can play four days before your friends with Standard Edition.

You can pre-order State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and inside the Microsoft Store. As with the standard edition, Ultimate Edition comes on a disc and as a digital download. You only get a second copy through Xbox Play Anywhere if you buy the digital download.

State of Decay 2 Pre-Order Extras

Once you’ve decided which State of Decay 2 edition to buy, it’s time to decide where you want to buy it. This is what truly makes State of Decay 2 pre-orders so confusing.

Every copy of the game that’s pre-ordered comes with a DLC pack. This DLC pack includes things that can help you through the game’s early hours. In an ideal world, everyone would have access to the same items, but that’s not the case with State of Decay 2 pre-orders. Who you give your money to determines which pack you get.

State of Decay 2 Prepper’s Pack 

You get the Prepper’s Pack from the Microsoft Store. It includes a yellow pick-up truck, survival supplies, and a small blade.

State of Decay 2 S.H.T.F. Pack 

GameStop shoppers get the S.H.T.F pack. It includes a painted compact car, survival supplies, and a blunt Zeddpiercer weapon.

State of Decay 2 Survival Pack 

The Survival Pack is exclusive to Best Buy. You get survival supplies, a sedan and a Skullsplitter blade with this add-on content.

State of Decay 2 Survivor’s Pack 

Finally, there’s the Survivor’s Pack. You get a 4-wheeler, the Zed-Swatter blunt knife and some survival supplies when you pre-order State of Decay 2 at Amazon.

Don’t worry if you want a weapon or vehicle that’s only in a specific pack. These DLC extras are small incentives to get you to pre-order early. I can’t imagine Undead Labs would not make these items available in the game for everyone to claim with a little hard work.

State of Decay 2 and Xbox Play Anywhere

The last of State of Decay 2 pre-order perk you can claim is through Xbox Play Anywhere.

Xbox Play Anywhere is the program that lets Windows and Xbox share Xbox exclusives. If you buy a digital copy of a qualifying game on Xbox One, you get a digital download for your Windows PC. The program works in the opposite way too, so you can buy State of Decay 2 on Windows and unlock a copy on Xbox One.

I’ve got more info on how Xbox Play Anywhere works in The Xbox Handbook. Be sure to check this promotion out. It’s something unique to Xbox that costs you nothing extra.

State of Decay 2 Deals

A handful of State of Decay 2 deals are out there. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of them and keep some money in your pocket.

Amazon Prime & Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked

Amazon Prime and Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked subscribers save 20% on State of Decay 2. That discount brings the cost of a State of Decay 2 Standard Edition to $23.99 and Ultimate Edition to $39.99. Gamers Club Unlocked costs $39.99 for two years, making it a solid way to save. Amazon Prime is $119.99 a year or $10.99 a month.

State of Decay 2 and Xbox Game Pass

Another State of Decay 2 deal to keep in mind is Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get access to State of Decay 2 the same day that everyone else does. So, subscribe for $9.99 a month or $60 for six months to play the game and around 100 other titles. A subscription also includes a 20% discount on State of Decay 2 a month after release. After a month or two, you can use this discount to buy the game outright for less than a new copy costs if you ever decide to cancel Xbox Game Pass.

Just remember that when you cancel Xbox Game Pass you can no longer play games you downloaded with it. My Xbox Handbook also has an Xbox Game Pass chapter.

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