It’s been a little over a month since we got down to business from our transformation to entertainmentConnected and while things were a bit busy before, it’s a crazy house around here now. We’re still getting used to our new role as a one-stop shop for Microsoft entertainment news, reviews, but it hasn’t stopped us from collecting your questions about Xbox, Windows Phone, and Zune. If you’ve got any questions about send them via Twitter (@EnConnected), post them on our Facebook page (, or join the ConnectedSocial and ask questions there.


Much to Do About Nothing

Cara asks “What do you think is included in the Xbox update?”

A: The Xbox 360 Spring Update isn’t really slated to bring all that much. Usually Microsoft attempts to make a big splash with one giant update and a lot of features, but all signs point to them going for something low key this time around. At the Consumer Electronics Show they showed off Netflix and Hulu with Kinect, as well as Avatar Kinect. Sine all three of these things have made their debut we’re pretty sure you can only expect Paypal as a billing option, and compatibility with a new disc format that won’t be used by publishers until later this year. I’ve got to level with you guys though; Kinect + Netflix has us feeling satisfied.


Searching for Apps in the Great White North

Dan asks “A while back you mentioned that along with the Zune HD being launched in Canada we would see the Apps coming sometime soon. I’ve checked every day since and nothing.”

A: It’s always a top priority for us to get out a valid story as soon as possible, when news of something goes up on our front page, it’s fact, or as close to fact as we can hope for. Unfortunately this isn’t a case of us spreading unsubstantiated rumors but of Microsoft being just a little gun shy on when you guys might see those apps. When we know, you’ll know; we promise.


Why Can’t We Be Friends

Darren asks “This past weekend you and the Zune MVPs hosted a Xbox Live Community Playdate. I tried to send you a request but you didn’t approve it or something. We are already friends on Zune.”

A: We’re not rejecting your friend requests, I promise. I can’t speak for the other guys but with Xbox Live and Zune being limited to a combined 100 friends I have simply run out of space. My Zune tag allows for auto friending thanks to the Zune Team, however Xbox Live doesn’t have the same functionality. Don’t stop sending me requests to join games though. Usually if I’ve got the game and a little free time, I’m in.

Thanks to all sent in your questions even if they didn’t appear here, and don’t hesitate to send more!

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