Things have changed in the time since we brought you the last edition of Ask enConnected. Microsoft’s ecosystem is almost completely different. The Xbox One is now on store shelves and users are flocking to Titanfall, its first big launch, in droves. Xbox Music, Microsoft’s replacement for Zune, is now available on just about anything that isn’t a BlackBerry device. Even Windows Phone, is at the cusp of another software launch. As such, we thought that we’d receive a lot of questions about those topics for the first edition of the New Year, and you guys didn’t disappoint.

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Suggesting Xbox Live Coming to iPhone Makes You a Traitor

Q: A few weeks ago Travis wrote an editorial criticizing Microsoft for not bringing Xbox Live to the iPhone and Android. How can we take your site seriously if you suggest such stupid things? Cameron

That’s a very good question Cameron. At least it would be if that was what I did in Editorial: Xbox Live Needs to Come to iPhone and Android. I wasn’t criticizing them for the decisions they’ve made or blasting them for not embracing other’s products. The point of that piece was simply to remind everyone that in this environment the best thing for Microsoft to do is focus on removing internal distractions and doing what’s right for the products that are making big moves.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone doesn’t have a single Xbox Live feature that you can’t get on the iPhone and iPad using SmartGlass. I stand by that piece. Extending Xbox Live to more platforms gives the company an edge it doesn’t have in mobile gaming today.

Where Is Your Titanfall Review?

Q: Titanfall gets all of this street credit for being a fun game no matter if you’re good or not. I just played it and lost horribly. No way is this fun for anyone. Also, where is enConnected’s review? James

I don’t agree. Titanfall is still a fun game when you’re losing, provided that you’re not a sore loser. (To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a sore loser and walk away from the game when I play against anyone who is at level 48.) I won’t argue that the game’s matchmaking doesn’t leave something to be desired. After all, getting murdered by someone with much more experience than you is never fun. However, the large environments and giant robots still make it fun to play. Now, whether playing online is worth $60 plus an Xbox Live Gold subscription is a fair question to ask.

Our Titanfall review will be up the moment I feel like I’ve played enough of the game to pass judgment on its mechanics and features. I won’t rush that on just a few hours with the game, even if it has been a few weeks since launch.

Is Xbox Music Better Than Other Subscription Music Services?

Q: I’ve finally decided to get an Xbox Music Pass and do the subscription music thing. Why should I choose Xbox Music over other solutions? Tyler

That’s a very good question, one I’m afraid I can’t answer for you. Instead, you have to look at your music habits and device collection to figure out what’s best for your budget and needs. Xbox Music now features apps on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and the web and users can stream tracks and download them for offline play. There’s also some cloud collection syncing and playlist syncing thrown in there for good mix. If your question is how Xbox Music stands out from the rest of the pact, and it seems it is. I’m afraid it doesn’t. Of the entire team of five people who work at enConnected behind the scenes, I’m the only one to use Xbox Music. I continue to do so because I have a Surface, Windows tablet, Xbox One and Windows Phone that it’s available on natively. I also happen to use an iPhone 5s and HTC One for some other projects I do. Xbox Music is what’s best for my needs. Google Music could be best for yours. Try it and see how you feel about it.

Thanks for all of your questions everyone. And be sure to send more or post your own replies to everyone’s questions in the comments. We’ll do this again in a few weeks.


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  1. Regarding Xbox Music versus other services, I’d be curious how the music libraries among the various services compare. Does Xbox Music offer more variety than Spotify, for instance; or do both services have nearly identical libraries of available albums/songs?

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