Just last month we were all diving into the wonderful world that is Xbox Music. The service that Zune spawned – you know, sort of – is steadily improving even, if it seems that progress only is marginal. With that in mind, we decided it would be a good idea to explore the depths of whatever questions you guys might have for this edition of Ask enConnected. We wanted to get the lay of the land, free of themed editions and silos.

Remember to keep submitting those questions to us. This column thrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Music, Xbox on Windows Phone, Windows, Windows Phone and our readers’ lust for knowledge. Send your questions to Twitter, Facebook or email us directly.

Changing Your Microsoft Account

Q: Is it safe yet to rename the email address associated with Xbox/WP account?

A: This depends entirely on what you mean by safe. Microsoft added the ability for users to change what email account their Xbox Live account is associated with a while ago. Following the steps in this support document will have your device operating under a new Microsoft Account in no time. If you’re looking to change your Gamer Tag, that’s a different process but also doable as this support document explains.

It’s my understanding that things aren’t so cut in dry on Windows Phone unless you’re running the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. If your device is running an older version of Windows Phone, changing that account will require resetting your device as well. There are ways around this as MobilityMinded demonstrates in this tutorial.

Whatever you decide. Please, just remember to be careful. There are all sorts of things to consider when changing a Microsoft Account, specifically if you’re changing between two accounts that are based in different countries. For example, some content you purchased might not be available in a different region.

Xbox Music on Roku and a Xbox Music Family Plan

Q: Will Xbox Music ever consider having an app on Roku? Or a Family Subscription plan? Thanks.

A: Those are two very good questions, questions that everyone should be asking more of and pushing Microsoft to develop. I’m speaking about only how I feel they’re headed. I would think that Microsoft’s decision to add iPhone and Android apps to their line up demonstrates that they’re open to creating experiences where users demand it most. If you’re really interested in a Roku app I urge to let the team know how you feel on their UserVoice profile. It looks like at least having an Xbox Music Family Plan has been brought up to the team already.

Hopefully they deliver the goods.

Good Games Coming to Kinect

Q. Will Kinect 2 for Xbox One ever have any good games?

A. Sorry, I can’t answer that because I don’t support one universal definition of good games. I happen to be very excited for Kinect Sports Rivals, mostly because I played the original and loved it. If by “good games’ you mean decent titles that use the Kinect 2 for first-person shooters without a controller, I’m not sure Kinect ever made sense for that type of thing. Outside of gesture only games like Kinect Sports and The Fighter Within, Kinect is about enhancing hard-core game play while the user still has a controller in their hands. For example, changing and adapting plays in Madden NFL 25 with voice is awesome.

Developers created what I would call good games for the original Kinect sensor and it was add-on as well. I’m not saying blind faith is a good idea, but I think the wait and see approach is the best option we have right now. A friend tells me Fantasia: Music Evolved looks exciting.

Decent Xbox One Headphones

Q. Have you found any decent Xbox One Headphones for gaming?

A. I am currently testing Turtle Beach’s XO Four headset for the Xbox One. Without ruining the pending review, I find that they sound amazing. I do wish the detachable microphone felt more secure though. The Turtle Beach XO Four Headset are $92.89 on Amazon. In the interest of full disclosure our review is being done with a set gifted to us by Turtle Beach and that link to Amazon is for an affiliate account that gives enConnected a portion of the sale. Neither of these things factor into my feelings towards the headset, but I prefer to be up front with our readers.

Do you have questions or comments? Don’t forget to send them our way. They’ll appear in the next edition of Ask enConnected. I guarantee it.


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