It’s a pretty hectic week for all of involved in Microsoft’s Windows 8 escapades. So instead of dropping a huge tonnage of your questions on Xbox Music, we thought we’d deliver them in a more release-week friendly package. Let’s get to the goodies.

Q. “So what CAN I do with my Lumia 900 or a Windows Phone 7.8 when Windows 8 & the new Xbox features launch on the 26th?”

It’s our understanding that all Windows Phone devices currently on the market will still be able to use the traditional Zune Music Pass streaming and Zune Marketplace downloads the way you always have. We may see some kind of branding update for Windows Phone 7.8 to at least bring it in line with the new Xbox Music branding but so far, we’ve heard even less about Windows Phone 7.8 than Acer has from its customer’s complaints on build quality.


Q. “I want to know if Xbox Music is coming to Windows 7 to replace Zune?”

We’re of the opinion that an update for the traditional desktop Xbox Music/Zune client has to happen at some point, for a few reasons. One, there can’t possibly be any logical reason why Microsoft would want to have people “open your Zune client to listen to Xbox Music” long-term. Its bad branding and even more confusing than the candidates running for President of the United States’ insistence on not acknowledging that their government also is a currency manipulator. Just when is the problem, clearly Microsoft isn’t planning on updating it during the Windows 8 release window.


Q. “How do you guys feel about Xbox Music? Is it better than what you thought it would be?”

I can’t speak for everyone, what I can say is this: Ask me that again on Friday. I assure you I’ll have a longer answer.


Q. “Does Zune Pass Music work in the new Xbox Music client for Windows 8?”

Yes and no, thanks to friend of the site Dave Cothran, there are ways to get the library you enjoyed in the Zune Software to play in Xbox Music. Playing back Zune Pass music in Xbox Music worked just fine before the final update but unfortunately it was removed before launch. I’ll let the silliness of what you just read sink in for a moment.


We’re just getting to use the service at the moment so these are just the questions we could answer having just gotten our hands on the new service and software. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at both the service and the new Xbox Music client some time very, very soon.

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