If it feels like every time we publish an edition of Ask enConnected there’s a new update for the Xbox One, you’d be right. Microsoft is rolling out so many software updates for that console that it’s hard to keep up. At the same time as it’s pushing the boundaries of what the software on the console can do, the company is also talking more about its Windows 10 entertainment plans. This time around we’re showing you how to follow a game on the Xbox Live hub, educating you on what’s coming with Windows 10 and making some jokes in the process.

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How Do You Follow Xbox Live Game Hubs?

Q. How do you follow an Xbox Live Game Hub? What is an Xbox Live Game Hub?

A. You can follow an Xbox Live Game Hub by finding the game in your list of installed titles and pressing the Menu button on your Xbox One controller. In the pop-up should be View Game Hub.

Microsoft revealed Game Hubs in the February Xbox One Update that’s available on everyone’s Xbox One console these days. A Game Hub on Xbox Live is sort of like following a Facebook page. When you follow a game you get the latest news about upcoming updates. Video clips and current broadcasts of games are there too. Add-ons and important community members playing that game are there too.

Game Hubs are great because they put nearly all the information you need to know about a title in one place. My hope is that overtime Microsoft will let Game Hubs be a two-way conduit for the video game community. How nice would it be to get the latest news from community managers directly into a Game Hub and your Xbox Live Activity Feed?

My Gaming Back Log

Q. What does your gaming backlog look like? I noticed on Xbox Live that you only seem to play one game at a time.

A. Thanks for following me on Xbox Live! Everyone, send over those friend requests. My gamertag is HarlemS. I only play one game at a time because I love video games for their stories. Also, I don’t have a lot of spare time to drop in video games – I read a lot and have a few television shows I like to stay current on.

Right now I’m making my way through Dragon Age: Inquisition. Waiting in the wings is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3. They should take me up to June.

How Important is Xbox Live on Windows 10?

Q. I’ve seen you talking a lot about Windows 10 having Xbox Live support. Who cares if Xbox Live is free if there are only small games available?

A. Sounds like what you’re really asking is if Windows 10 really will bring a full-on Windows experience. I’d say that a full-on Xbox experience is exactly what the company is aiming for. First the company confirmed that Fable Legends would be on Windows 10 with full Xbox Live integration so that users can play against their console counterparts. Recently the company announced that Gigantic is also coming to Windows 10. You can earn achievements, play with other people and use the same controller as Xbox One owners.

Today, there are little bite sized games in the Xbox Games Store. Clearly, Microsoft has more than that planned for Windows 10. I’d say Xbox on Windows is very, very important. Microsoft isn’t just giving Windows users achievements anymore, it’s delivering a fully-featured experience.

Xbox Games in 2015

Q. What games are you looking forward to trying this year?

A. My list of Xbox One releases I must buy this year isn’t as massive as you might think it is.

Last year was a pretty hectic time for the site and I. I spent the popular season fixing bugs and writing so much that I missed a few interesting games. I plan on playing them this year. Luckily I only have two to pick up: Sunset Overdrive and maybe Forza Horizon 2. At any point I could just decide to skip either one of those and get to the new stuff.

Batman: Arkham Knight is absolutely a must-play for me. I’ve wanted to get my hands on that game for so long I can smell Gotham’s dirty streets. Halo 5: Guardians I’m anxious to experience because the story in Halo 4 was pretty confusing. I have to see where 343 Industries takes it from there. I really want to know if they clean that up this time around. Gigantic and Quantum Break are on my list too. I should note that I’m one of the few people open to picking up Assassin’s Creed again this year. Other people will probably come around before we get close to release. I know if rumors of that Joe Montana Football 2016 game are true, but I could be convinced to buy any football franchise that isn’t Madden.

We recently published a nice list of exclusives coming to the Xbox One this year.

Don’t forget to send those questions over people. Same site, same Trav.

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