Spring has sprung and more games are getting their due. In this month’s Ask The en we tackle the most pressing issues of the day. Ok, they’re not more pressing than whether Melissa McCarthy should continue to be allowed to butcher movies instead of being sent to the new season of Gilmore Girls, but I digress. We’re taking your questions about the Xbox Elite Controller, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One and how you can make more friends and feel like a part of the Xbox Live community by downloading a single app to your Xbox One.

As always, don’t hesitate to send your questions about Xbox One, Microsoft’s music and video apps, or pretty much anything you want. Drop your questions on Facebook, Twitter and in The en’s email. I’ll answer them all – except the one I recently received about whether I’ve gotten taller. I refuse to measure my own height; I stopped caring years ago.

These questions weren’t sent in by readers, but were asked by community members online. We’ll get back to reader submitted questions as soon as you send me yours.

Xbox on Windows Gaming

Q. Is anyone actually taking advantage of Xbox on Windows?

According to Microsoft, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. The company says that it has seen gaming activity on Windows increase in a big way since the platform launched. That’s despite the overall amount of active users on Xbox Live decreasing during the last quarter. Active users are how the company has decided to gauge the success of Xbox Live.

In a recent editorial, I complained that Microsoft should hold back on promoting Xbox on Windows – maybe even releasing new big-name titles – until it’s able to address some of the issues the platform faces. The actual Xbox on Windows app is pretty good, but the Windows Store is absolutely terrible at handling large games.

I personally own, Minecraft and Quantum Break for Windows. I use the app as a shortcut to Cities Skylines and Homeworld. By the time you read this I will have added Ori and the Blind Forest to my collection.

On the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One

Q. Why should anyone care about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One?

Right now, you shouldn’t care about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One. I suspect Microsoft is holding back on us about what the update brings.

For sure, we know that the Cortana personal assistant that’s in Windows 10 on other devices will be included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One. Microsoft confirmed that at its BUILD 2016 event last month. Of course, Microsoft originally hinted at Cortana being a part of last year’s major New Xbox One Experience Update, so that’s not exactly a surprise. Honestly, I use Cortana multiple times a day now that she’s on virtually everything with a display attached.

If you’re looking for things to get excited about, they’re there. Microsoft also said at BUILD that this update would usher in background audio support and merge the Windows Store with the Xbox Store in some way. I’m all for listening to Tupac on blast while in Halo 5 Warzone, but the store changes seem bigger. Today, the Xbox Store is a usability dumpster fire that I’m sure Microsoft is just dying to fix. A transition to a new store sounds like the perfect time to address that.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Q. Have you had quality issue with the Xbox Elite Controller?

Answer, I absolutely have had a ton of issues related to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Specifically, I’m talking build quality. The area on my Elite Controller between the directional pad and the right joystick creaks like there’s no tomorrow. As for connection quality to the console, things have been rather smooth lately. Everything connects up and works just fine with the Xbox One. Intermittent connection issues plagued the Xbox Wireless Adapter that I reviewed late last year. I haven’t had any issues with it recently, though.

On The en

Q. So here’s what’s going on with the shortage of posts lately?

The en has been around for nearly 10 years in some form or another. It’s covered Zune, to Xbox and even some PlayStation for a brief spell. In that time, strategies have changed. The vision I have for The en is a centralized place where you can go to learn about entertainment devices and culture.

That’s still going to be the case, but I’m transitioning the site from having an editorial voice of a collective group, to one that puts me front-and-center. As I’m considering what that means, I’m posting a little less. We’ll get back to firing on all cylinders once I’m confident that I can give you what you need and want.

Look for content to ramp back up over the next few weeks. Also, look forward to seeing my face a lot more in videos and on the site. With that in mind, I should probably look into getting a straight hairline.

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