You wouldn’t think there’d be that much to talk about this close to the end of 2015. Fortunately, there is a lot to discuss. Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console is said to have sold well. Groove Music is getting some time in the spotlight thanks to Xbox One and the Windows 10 update. Millions around the world have opened large boxes underneath their Christmas tree all containing Microsoft’s latest gaming and entertainment console. There’s lots to talk about, which is great because I’m feeling a ranty this close to January 1st and this far away from the Holiday 2016.

In this edition of Ask The En are some basic tips for getting acquainted with your Xbox One entertainment console and some feedback about the site itself. Have questions of your own? Talk to me on Twitter or send in your question to our email. We’ve been known to answer questions in real time on the The en’s Facebook profile.

How to Use a Code on Xbox One

Q. How do you use a code on Xbox One?

A. Picked up a new game or accessory that unlocked another digital item over Xbox Live did you? Don’t worry, using a code is incredibly easy on Xbox One.

If your add-on content game with a barcode and you have a Kinect sensor, say “Xbox, Use a Code.” Your Xbox One will turn on your camera and look for the barcode. Be sure to hold it directly in front of the camera. If you don’t have a Kinect sensor, you’ll want to head to the Store area on the Xbox One’s software. There’s an option for using a code there. and the Xbox app for Windows 10 let you redeem codes from their Store areas too. Be sure that you’re selecting Confirm on the Xbox website and Windows 10 app when use your code.

Update on the Xbox One Handbook

Q. When is the Xbox One Handbook Coming?

A. That’s a great question. Xbox One Handbook is The en’s upcoming guide to everything related to Xbox. You didn’t imagine anything, originally the Handbook’s release was planned for the winter holidays.

Unfortunately, limited time with the New Xbox One Experience software update and other commitments kept me from nailing that release date. We’re now planning for sometime in early February when things are calmer and there’s time to take all the new features that arrived in late November into consideration.

You can still read the chapters of the Xbox One Handbook that I’ve finished. More chapters are coming very, very soon.

Xbox One 2016 Games Calendar

Q. Where can you find out when new Xbox One games arrive?

A. 2015 isn’t done and you’re already eyeing next year’s Xbox One games. That’s some dedication. Admittedly, I’ve thought about next year’s line-up too. The Xbox One Handbook isn’t the only feature we’ve got planned for the new year. Late last year we debuted Timeline, a giant running list of everything new thing coming to the Xbox One in chronological order. We’ll have a refreshed Timeline for 2016 in late January. This time around we’ll include some links for easy navigation and maybe a version for mobile devices.

Am I a Robot?

Q. Are you a robot?

A. I wish I was. That would make typing for hours on end a non-issue. I’d also be able to play video games and write at the same time. I’d be able to say really cool things at just the right moment, like “Zordon, I’ve recruited five teenagers with attitude” and everyone would take me seriously.

Alpha, Rita has escaped.

Best Practices for a Fresh Xbox One Setup

Q. What’s the first thing you do when you setup an Xbox One?

A. In no particular order, here are the settings I change when I setup a new Xbox One console.

  • Go to storage settings and configure my external hard drive as the default place to install games and apps. This allows me to take my library to the Xbox One in my living room or someone else’s house effortlessly.
  • If this is the Xbox One in my living room, the first thing I do is go into the Start Up settings and have the Xbox One start the OneGuide whenever its turned on. This is a must if you’re using the OneGuide with a digital TV tuner or a cable box.
  • Next it’s time to do something about the rather bland look the Xbox One has out of the box. Go into the Personalization settings and assign a background and some accent coloring. While you’re there, set this new console as your Home console. All of your digital games and Xbox Live Gold are shared with other users on your Home console.

How to Calibrate Kinect for Xbox One

Q. How can someone calibrate the Kinect sensor?

A. If you’re having trouble with your Kinect sensor, recalibrate it from the Kinect & Devices area in the Settings app. Even if you aren’t having trouble, recalibrate when you’ve moved your television to improve its ability to recognize your voice commands

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