Welcome to the first edition of Ask The En. We’re always online, taking your questions. If our answers meet a basic quality standard (I promise you that’s a big “if” before my 9AM coffee run), we publish them on the site for everyone to read. I should note that this isn’t the first question and answer session that we’ve done, it’s just the first one under our refreshed branding.  For those of you who took a look at those, same party but different laced punch bowl.

If you have any questions about a Groove Music, Xbox One and just about any other entertainment device out there, send it our way. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and email.

We’re now in imminent danger of being run over by the fall and holiday gaming season. Let’s get to the questions.

On the Elite Xbox One Bundle

Q. Are you going to pick up the Elite Xbox One Bundle?

This week Microsoft surprised everyone with the Elite Xbox One Bundle. It comes with the company’s new customizable controller meant for gamers and a 1TB hybrid drive. We covered it in text and on the new The enWord podcast that kicked off this week.

I talk about it in a lot more detail in the podcast, but I don’t want you to endure my actual voice if you don’t want to; I’m told the experience is painful. Simply put, I’m not that interested in the Elite Xbox One. First, Microsoft already has an extensive list of Xbox One bundles coming this holiday with games included. Anyone who is thinking about picking up an Xbox One this holiday is better off choosing one of those.

I don’t think the benefits that Microsoft touts in the press release announcing the Elite Xbox One are worth upgrading for, personally. Which is interesting, as I’m the market they seem to be targeting with it. The ideal buyer for this console is someone who purchased the Xbox One at launch and considers themselves a pretty dedicated gamer. 20% faster boot times for Power Saver Mode doesn’t help me since I use the Always Connected option. I will say this, I do happen to love the Elite Xbox One Wireless Controller. I will buy it when it launches on October without reservations.

Must Buy Xbox One Games This Year? Spill ‘em!

Q. What games are you pre-ordering?

Good question, it is about that time, isn’t it? That sound you heard was my wallet groaning under the weight of Amazon email receipts. I wrote the 2015 Xbox One Timeline so that gave me some time to deep dive into what’s coming. Here’s my buying list:

Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider are both must-buys. I plan on pre-ordering both because I trust the studios producing them. I also plan on reading early reviews on both to make sure the leap of faith is worth taking. Not on my pre-order list is my favorite gaming franchise, Assassin’s Creed. I plan on purchasing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate this year, but I want to read those reviews first. I loved Unity, but some of those issues were enough to throw a controller.

Must-skips for me this year include, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Forza 6. I rarely play Forza 5. Also, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is still too much fine to give up. I loved the mechanics in that game.

What are you pre-ordering? Any must-buys for you this fall and holiday?

What Happened to the Windows 10 Coverage?

Q. No Windows 10 review from you guys? Why did you decide to skip it?

We do have a Windows 10 review coming, but when it arrives it’ll be focused on entertainment. You haven’t seen it yet, because I haven’t had the time to write it. I apologize for that.

I’ll level with you; right now I’m waiting for something in Windows 10 that’s entertainment related to be a huge upgrade. Groove Music looks nice, but it’s not a wholesale rewrite of what was already there. Movies & TV is cool, but still there’s not a lot new there. Xbox has seen some serious upgrades and absolutely deserves a break down.

I’ve been a bit gun shy on a Windows 10 review because all of the entertainment stuff seems very much in flux. The moment I hit publish they’ll drop some big update. I can smell it in the air.

Look for a Windows 10 review in the next few weeks. You have my word.

How Long Until Windows 10 Mobile Arrives?

Q. When is Windows 10 Mobile Coming?

I think the search friendly version of the question you’re asking is “When is the Windows 10 Mobile release date.” See what I did there?

I wish we knew. Microsoft said earlier this year that it had plans to launch new “flagship” devices sometime this calendar year. I believe them, but I also wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to wait until the last convenient hour to announce new hardware. My bet is that Microsoft will finish working on Windows 10 Mobile sometime this month, which is all kinds of worrisome as they can’t seem to get a bug-free version out for Windows Insiders. Hardware will probably get the reveal treatment in October with a sale date early in November.

Thanks so much for your questions! Same site, same routine next month.

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