Ask ZuneSpring April 2010

Spring is upon and the signs are everywhere! The birds chirping, the people are wearing less, and more importantly is time for another rousing AskZuneSpring. Let’s cut the cute banter and get straight into your questions Dear ZuneSpring readers!

Windows Phone 7 + Zune & Apps

Joey Chewey asks “I’ve been wondering what’s going to come over Zune this year as most of people gather up for Windows Phone and that also, Zune isn’t getting as many apps. Also, it seems like they used Zune as an example to help build Windows Phone, but what do you think?”


I personally don’t know what may or may not happen to the Zune when Windows Phone makes its debut this fall. What I can say is that from what I know and the conversations I’ve had with Microsoft they’re commitment to the Zune is just as strong as it was 4 years ago. I know that applications are few & far between right now, but as DaveMacMS stated in a post on the AnythingButiPod forums, (read) , more applications are forthcoming. Also remember that even if I knew something I couldn’t mention anything so that’s that.

As far as your observation about Zune’s striking similarities to Windows Phone, I think you have a point, however I would in turn point out that the Entertainment & Devices division doesn’t have infinite resources so why not use a user interface that has already received widespread praise. I’m not sure if that is indeed how it happened but I can imagine there being definite pros to developing in the open as well.


Joey Chewey asks “Hey there again, is it hard to make impressive apps, like Zune’s Lucky Lanes Bowling, cause I think it is, but what are your thoughts on this?”


I would imagine that it’s incredibly hard. I’m not a developer so I can’t speak to exact difficulties, however Matt from Rogue Code worked on his XNA based notes application for ages, and I still don’t think it’s quite done yet.


Joey Chewey asks “Why is there no SDK Program for the ZuneHD?”


I have no official comments on this other than, to say the same thing I said in last months Ask ZuneSpring so sorry about that. The simple fact is that we don’t know the official reason there wasn’t an SDK for the Zune HD. We’ve heard rumors that it’s because they didn’t want to have to pitch to developers yet another mobile platform for besides Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone 7. (Remember the current Windows Mobile will live on as Windows Phone Classic, meaning they are still going to need developers to help sell that platform as well, I imagine.). I have to admit three different SDKs, all in the mobile space is hardly what I would call an ideal situation.  My answer on this could go on for ages, but I’ll save that for another time. The simple fact is still if you wanted a ZuneHD for applications you clearly had better choices. Now why you choose to ignore those options is something that you have to ask yourself.


Fine Tuning Music From Other Places

Brain asks “I was wondering if there was a way to add digital info to the artists or albums. I do have to admit that I download music with out paying for it sometimes and I have badges on the social that say unknown artists and some don’t. Like Ke$ha for instance. It says no digital info for the song on my Zune HD, but it has her bio. Also, how can we add more pics for the artists?”


Unfortunately there’s no way to do either of those right now. On the illegal music front it may help if you look up the information on the Zune Marketplace for that particular album and then change the album title of the music you downloaded to match it, there by fixing your problems with Social Badges and would not.


Thanks to both of you for you questions. If you, Dear ZuneSpring reader, have any questions, any at all, please send them to I’ll try to answer them either here or via a reply email. You should also feel free to ask, questions via our new Twitter handle, @ZuneSpring.If you have answers for any of our questions askers, you too can contribute, just reply in the comments.

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