Ask ZuneSpring June 2010

While I enjoy helping you fine folks out with any questions you may have, every so often it’s nice to get some overall questions about where I think the Zune is and it’s software and services are heading. This month you fine folks didn’t disappoint one bit.

Where’s the Zune Phone?

cgrymala asks via Twitter: “What are your thoughts on the probability of MS releasing an official Zune phone? Will the hardware for any of the Windows Phone 7 devices be compatible with Zune peripherals?”

A:  I personally don’t there’s a chance we would ever see any type of a Zune Phone created solely by Microsoft. I believe they won’t for a couple of different reasons the first one being their desire to keep the development story for their mobile platforms simple. Currently they’ve got Windows Phone, & Windows Mobile Classic, adding Zune to this only complicates things. As far as I’m concerned Windows Phone is the Zune OS, I don’t care what they are calling it. Sadly hardware manufactures are free to use whatever connector/charger port they like, so I can’t really see them designing a Zune connector port into their hardware just for Windows Mobile. In fact I’m pretty sure the European Union has mandated some form of USB charging be on all phones sold there.


A Website Layout in 60 Seconds

Joey Holman asks via Facebook: “How did you come up with your site name because I’m thinking of making a website…?”

A: ZuneSpring’s name came to mind while I was watching a commercial on Lego MindStorms, First I considered ZuneStorm, then, ZuneSpring popped into my head. I to this day still don’t know exactly where the Spring came from but i’ve loved it ever since.

Joey Holman asks via Email: “To help improve your site (in my opinion), add some site userbars and use some awards and ranks.”

A:  While those are great suggestions I really don’t think Ranks and userbars are the answer to ZuneSpring’s problem. (Well maybe to ZuneSpring Forums problem.) Zune news really get’s slow around this time, also so does internet traffic in general. Even at this time we are way above our averages from last year which is the only metric I really care about. Of course it would also help if we posted a podcast on a regular schedule but that’s just me thinking out loud.


A Serious Time for Serious.. Seriousness

foxmental asks via Twitter “Will there be a zune hd2? When zune app marketplace open up? will kin stuff end up in the zune hd?”

A: Naturally I wouldn’t be able to comment on that kind of thing which is great because well, I have no clue. What I will say is that Microsoft reps have commented that Kin and Windows Phone may combine or at least share features at some point. I would like to think that since Zune, Windows Phone, and Kin are all in the same division convergence may be possible.

foxmental asks via Twitter “With ballmer directly in charge of #zune will #msft take hardware more seriously?”

A:  I can’t imagine them not taking their hardware seriously before. I’ll admit to the Zune HD not having things that other touchscreen devices have as standard issue, but I wouldn’t chalk that up to them not taking the devices seriously. I would chalk that up to them having decided that they wanted to focus on core experiences.


Thanks for all the great questions again this month folks! If you’ve got a question, a comment, or an observation, email us at or send us a tweet at

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