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A Photoshop render by BriannaNicole!
Another month gone! My where does the time always go? It’s March already and you know what it’s now time for, speculation about the next Zune release. No really, I’ve been getting emails all month about it. Most get into every nook and detail, asking what I think might happen and what should be released but I think our first email puts the sentiments of everyone else’s questions quite simply, and rather bluntly.

What Do You Know

Eddie S. asks “If the Zune team were planning on making a second Zune HD to be released this year alongside of WP7, would they of told you at the MVP Summit?”

A: For obvious reasons I wouldn’t be able to tell you even if they did, sorry. What I can say is that I hope they will! Thanks for writing in!


Spring Forward?

Jake asks “Is that spring update with .avi support coming soon? ZuneBoards thinks they know but nobody will say when. Tell me!”

A: According to Dave McLaughlin it’s still coming, and I haven’t anything about it not coming so I would say keep your eyes pealed. Again if I could say anything I would be so far my reply to this question will be “What’s a spring update?” Thanks for your question!


To Cover or Not to Cover

Pc4ameal asks “What case do you use for your ZuneHD? Right now I’m leaving mine bear but I’m afraid it might one day get scratched.”

A: That’s an awesome question, one I get a lot since we have yet to get a significant number of ZuneHD cases in for review. I’ve only had a ZuneHD for about two months now so I still leave mine relatively bare, however there are two cases that you may enjoy. First Digital Life Outfitter’s ActionJacket seems to be the popular choice among users, mainly because it can be purchased at your local BestBuy. If you aren’t willing to have anything shipped from an online store, then it and the  $29 DLO JamJacket really are your only hope. I can say I’ve tried both of them them and although the JamJacket’s rough silicon can get the job done, it attracts any kind of lint & dust you may have in your pocket, forcing you to clean it of constantly. At $29 dollars, the ActionJacket isn’t a bad choice either however, I only recommend it for runners or those who might want a case and screen protector all in one. I’ll have cases reviews for both just hours after posting this so if you can, wait to read my reviews and make your buying decision then. The case I’m most interested in would be a Frame case from PointZero however right now they’re sold out. It sells for about $10-$12 and keeps the slim profile of the ZuneHD while still offering some protection from drops and scrapes.


Thanks to all three of you for your emails. If you, Dear ZuneSpring reader, have any questions, any at all, please send them to theteam@zunespring.com I’ll try to answer them either here or via a reply email. You should also feel free to ask, questions via our new Twitter handle, @ZuneSpring.If you have answers for any of our questions askers, you too can contribute, just reply in the comments.

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