Ask ZuneSpring May 2010

Just when you thought I’d forgotten to about your questions, and emails, comes Ask ZuneSpring for May 2010. I know we’re a little late publishing it this month, as we’re readjusting the features schedule, but rest assured, if you keep the questions coming, i’ll keep the answers uh, answering? Let’s  not beat around the bush here, as it is memorial day weekend.

Are You in the Know?

Firelord asks “Why have none of the Zune MVPs discussed the OpenZDK over at ZuneBoards? IT seems like to me you guys are on the leash.”

A: I wouldn’t say I’m on a leash placed on me by Microsoft. I will say however that there are just some things I would prefer not to discuss and hacking the Zune firmware is one of those. It’s not that I have a problem with users doing what they want to what they own hardware. What I do have a problem with is encouraging more people to hack their firmware knowing that I haven’t yet tried it myself. Whether you want to use ZuneBoards OpenZDK is your own personal decision, so far I have chosen not to.


Apps by Any Other Name..

Jamie asks “So what’s up with all the apps we heard we coming? I still haven’t seen them yet?”

A: Neither of us knows how Zune many apps the ZuneHD will get or if they’ll stop with the release of Hearts, and Solitaire. Hit me back on the specifics of how you heard they were coming and we’ll start from there.


And the Podcast Went Silent

Ten asks “Where is the ZuneSpring Live podcast? Seems to me you keep it going for a bit then you drop it only to try again. How about some consistency?”

A: You sir, are completely right and I apologize for that. Really life has gotten in the way the since April, but rest assured it’s coming back, and when it does I think you’’ the surprises we’ve  got in store.

Again, not much the month in the form of questions since we’re in the lull between Zune 4 and what ever may come next this fall but I’m still happy to answer!

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