Ask ZuneSpring: September 2010

Having asked for your questions just after a press release in which Zune announced their intent to spread the Zune love internationally, I fully expected to be bombarded with a mountain of long emails asking for details, but nope you guys took it light on me this go around. Send your email questions to, message us via Twitter at @ZuneSpring, or leave us a voicemail at  1-847-4ZSLive.


Using the Zune Taskbar Player

Jeff C. asks via Facebook: “I used to be able to minimize the Zune player and it would go to the right on the taskbar, now it doesn’t. How/where do I go to reactivate this?”

A: So you use that taskbar player as well eh? I love it personally. Right click your taskbar and mouse over ‘Toolbars’ and then click on Zune. In case you haven’t already done so, go into the Zune software’s general settings and enable the taskbar player there as well. The next time you minimize the Zune software it sit happily on the right side of your taskbar.


Zune HD2 Speculation

Ronan D. asks via Facebook: “Any wild speculation on Zune hd2. doubles as a hover board?”

A: I have heard some public chatter among friends about how cool a second generation Zune HD device would be, however none about the device actually existing. Personally I’d love such a device, but I’m not sure if most people would want one. Of course everyone I know has a Zune HD, so I might be surrounded by people who don’t want their device to get out dated.


New Firmware for the Zune HD

Joey asks via  email: “Hey, do you think the next Zune firmware will come out this month…?”

A: I honestly don’t think we can expect a firmware update soon nor do I think it should be high on the Zune Teams priority list. We’ve all heard the stories of them having to rally around Windows Phone to get it out of the door.  On a much different note, are there any features to the firmware that you guys think should be added? You know, besides apps. :)”


A Question for You ZuneSpringers

As we all know, this week Microsoft announced it’s intent to release Zune features into certain countries. This has been a long time coming, and something that should be applauded by everyone except Canadians (Don’t worry, expect a ZuneSpring Editorial on that ridiculousness soon). My question is simple. As a long time users of the Zune platform here in the States, what lessons do you think we should focus on  when writing our upcoming Zune Users Guide? Feel free to post in the comments or email them to us.


Whelp that’s our surprisingly light edition of Ask ZuneSpring for September 2010. Thanks to all who sent in their questions. Have you got a comment question or complaint? Send your email questions to, message us via Twitter at @ZuneSpring, post on our wall at ,or leave us a voicemail at  1-847-4ZSLive.

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