Everyone reading this should support Teedra Moses’ new album. Dropping tomorrow ,August 7th,2015, it’s called, Cognac & Conversation.

If you love R&B music with a little hip-hop flare you will love her. I’m a long time fan of Teedra Moses, she gives off such wisdom in her music. You can only learn from it. She tells it like it is and keeps you grounded in a way that allows you to take in all you are hearing. The sincerity in her music comes through in her lyrics. I know that everyone will find a song they can relate too.

Teedra Moses was born on December 17,1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the daughter of acclaimed gospel singer Shirley Moses. She later moved to California with her mother and three siblings after her parents’ separation. Moses brought a bit of that fervor to her own vocal style when she began singing professionally. The final song on her debut album, “I Think of You (Shirley’s Song)”, is dedicated to her late mother. Teedra Moses’ debut album Complex Simplicity was released August 2004. She has written songs for a lot of artists like Nivea, Christina Milian, Mary J. Blige and others. Though Moses has not released a studio album in several years, she can be found touring and doing live shows on a regular basis. Since 2010 Moses has been a spokes model on the Lady Hennessy Tour. In addition, Moses continues to release underground all original mix tapes for her fans to enjoy while she awaited a new label deal caused by the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed in 2008 by the now defunct TVT Records.

Teedra Moses is now an independent artist with five mix tapes and three albums under her belt due to the much anticipated Cognac & Conversation coming tomorrow. Take some time if you haven’t and travel back in time to listen to her past music. Her albums are entitled Complex Simplicity (2004), and California Vibes EP (2014). As well as her mix tapes The Young Hustla Compilation (2004), Young Hustla Compilation Vol II: Live from the Jungle (2007), Lionhearted – Young Hustla Vol III (2009), Royal Patience… A Love Journey (2010), and Luxurious Undergrind (2011).

All are available in the Groove Music Store and Apple’s iTunes Store.

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