A product of the hip-hop and R&B producer Teddy Riley, N*E*R*D may be considered the sucessor to a similiar duo known as The Neptunes formed by childhood friends Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo met at the ages of 12 at a summer camp for musicians and spent most of their free time making beats and performing in groups while later on met Shay Haley in high school and began performing together. The trio often met in Hugo’s garage, where he beatboxed through a speaker system while Haley danced. After producing songs for several artists throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, the production duo formed N.E.R.D (an acronym for No one Ever Really Dies) in 2001 as a side project. Eventually Shay Haley would also join later making the band complete, and after a hiatus from 2005-2008 the band would return under the new Star Trak music label and with loads of new material

Their Music

With their albums showing solid numbers and each being certified Gold by the RIAA (selling at least 500,000 units) the feel of their music isn’t something that can be expressed with words much less anykind of article. It’s a live sound, a groove that works it’s way into what ever your doing. If your driving you tap the steering wheel, if your enjoying a beverage you’ll drop it. All rhetoric aside if your into funk, hip-hop, or R&B this is a group you shouldn’t just want to be listening to, it’s a group you need to be listening too. “Seeing Sounds” is my favorite, check them out and tell us what’s yours.


Seeing Sounds.. (2008)
Fly or Die (2004)
In Search of.. (2002)

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