Editorials: Why Dump Zune 2

Originally I hadn’t planned on needing to comment on the discontinuation of current Zune models, mostly because it’s where the segment is headed and to be honest I thought most people interested would know that right off that bat. Unfortunately I was completely wrong, having received emails like:

How this going to work! I love my Zune that means no more Zune pass! -KelleryGuy
F*&! M$ all they want is more money I not giving them anything else -Matt
So they get me out on a ledge and then push me off?- Dave

First let me stress that I couldn’t make this reaction up if I tried. It’s as if Chicken Little has ran outside, sounded the alarms, and you can see a spaceship in the distance. Even if the rumors are true and they are discontinuing the player, (which in all honesty is likely but not absolute), you would still be able to download music, use your Zune pass, you know, ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD DO BEFORE!

There are also those who feel abandoned by the Zune Team for discontinuing the Zune 120. I most certainly won’t bash you for wanting an insane amount of storage that you’ll never listen to, (although I should, and it’s not that big a deal for most people) however you have to stop floating all of this “sky is falling, we are all going to die” nonsense. Most of the market has clearly decided that they prefer a slimmer form factor, and mild storage, because unlike those of us who read about Zune, and look up all the specs, they have relatively small music collections. Apple is selling iPod Touches like loafs of bread and only the tech literate are complaining. Would I like to see a 64GB Zune HD, Yes! Would I like to stop the whole flash vs. hard drive smack fest going on, Yes! However we have to look at current market trends, sales numbers, and the lineup from a profitability stand point. The Zune Team hasn’t made any money yet, and none of us know who much money, or how many jobs it will save, to eliminate the 2 year old designs.

Now don’t get me wrong but the current flash devices are a different animal altogether. True the could just lower the price of the flash devices, however we don’t know how much each cost to manufacture and at 79.99 for the 4GB I think they’ve already hit the floor. In all honesty I liked the flash Zunes, but I never bought one because I needed a larger screen. We haven’t seen sales numbers yet but I bet the iPod Touch is also eating away at the iPod Nano’s market share. If that’s true, the most intelligent thing to do is to stop manufacturing them. After all they have been on the market for nearly three years, and aren’t that popular to my knowledge.

It’s a time for transition, and dare I say it a time for change. It’s a different kind of world, it’s a different age, we need a different kind of media player. Besides, personally I’m still hoping they redesign the flash and hard drive players.

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