Editorials: Zune 30 Scarce

Technology changes so rapidly it seems we never take the time to appreciate a new device for what it does before we move on to replacing it with something else. Late on May 2nd I posted about how the Zune 30 might not be making it to Canada (see Blog Post: No Zune 30s in Canada?). At the end of the post I also said that it seemed to be getting harder to get your hands on a Zune 30 in the U.S. After doing what i’ll admit what can’t be the best example of detective work, it seems I may be right.

Earlier that day Engadget had reported that Microsoft might be sliming down the lineup soon, totally eliminating the 30 (see Zune to Hit canada with smaller lineup?). The great folks cited a promo page made by the Zune Team for the launch in Canada that clearly showcased every device except for the Zune 30. When I saw this I thought hmm, strange maybe there’s something to this. I started by hitting my local retailers. I check in every Target and Walmart location in Richmond, Virginia, searching for a Zune 30 in any color. The first time I found tons, but what struck me as interesting what the price cut they had recently received. Every color was discounted for $149 or lower with some stores even selling them for as low as $99 dollars a device. But what I found next would be even more interesting.


The Evidence

Next I turned to the store front of the entire country: the internet. Instead of throwing all this information at everyone in paragraph format, In the interest of time here’s the bullet points.


  • All Zunes except the white 30 were available for purchase. (The Zune 30 in white is reportedly the best selling color of the device.)
  • Out of stock both brown and black for delivery from the online store.
  • No stores in my zip code (23224) had black.
  • 3 out of 6 stores had black in my zip code (23224).
  • Just above the “Find in Store” button there’s text on both the black and brown devices is a bit of text that says “In Limited Stores”.


  • Search of site shows no Zune 30s
  • Reports of the devices going to clearance status in my zip code (23224). Indeed I purchased a device for $149.

Circuit City/ Best Buy / Staples

  • Search of their web sites show plenty of Zune 30 accessories, as well as the second generation Zunes but no Zune 30 devices.

Radio Shack

  • Only the Pink Zune 30 was available on their web site, and could not be purchased at any retail locations.


  • Only the white Zune 30 is available for purchase online.


  • Not available at my local retail location or on their web site.

Toys R Us

  • Not available at their stores or online.

Sam’s Club

  • The white Zune 30 was available for purchase online.

Office Depot

  • Not available at my local retail location or on their web site.

My Conclusion

Based on my information here’s what I thinks about to happen. The Zune will make it’s debut in Canada with only the 4/8 and 80 devices, shortly after Cesar over at ZuneInsider sounds the death bell for our beloved Zune 30. What does this mean? Nothing really. I happen to be one of the users who still use the first generation Zune and to be perfectly honest I saw this coming a year ago. Maybe i’ll upgrade to a Zune 80 if something happens but until the hard drive dies or the screen cracks i’ll be staying with my soon to be extinct Zune 30.

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