Editorials: Zune Cometh

Calling all Zune enthusiast, new players are on the way this November! Yes Zuners in a little less then a month new fresh, colorful, never before seen Zune goodness will be hitting stores nationwide vying for your almighty dollars. Every Wednesday until November 13th i’ll chronicle my won personal struggle between my allegiance to generation one and the new generation two Zunes. Who knows on November 13th I may just be getting a new Zune 80/8/4.. or I may just stick to my proven Zune 30 warrior.

Week One: Fundamentals of my Struggle

To be honest first and foremost my Zune or Harlem as I call him, has served me well. It’s my constant companion and can be found in my hand, on my belt, or in a charger, twenty-four hours a day and really the best music player i’ve ever had. It’s served me well but there have been some drawbacks for me personally also. Battery life of the player stinks and the bloody software for the first year should be considered an act of war against humanity, punishable by burning at the stake. I mean what were the software writers thinking about back in 2006? To be honest I knew it would before I purchased it. I really did buy mine Zune for what it was and what it does, as well as most other zuners joined the social, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that I purchased the device for what it is and for me that means only a so-so music experience. When I first considered getting a Zune last summer when my iPod with video started to die one of the first things I thought of was how great it would be to use the cool 2-d interface for browsing music and looking at pictures but after yeah i’ll admit that the same interface (as well as the hard drive) kill my Zune’s battery life like a Gladiator in the Roman coliseum. In the end I need either a car charger and slimmer looking case or a new player and at the moment it’s in the air. Next week i’ll be taking steps to ease my transition into a new player or new firmware. See you then.

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