So, I’ve decided that with the return of the music mix, I’d switch things up a bit. I felt I should add a bit more substance to this post than simply a list of songs. Therefore, I’ve decided to make this article a blend of commentary, looking back at the week, and songs that caught my ear.

This week’s newsic mix: #1 LeBron Goes Back to Cleveland

I have two things to say to this: 1) I dread, now, having to hear that damn “Coming Home” song by P. Diddy for at least the next few months going into the NBA season. 2) Makers of basketball video games should try to incorporate this kind of buzz into their single-player career campaigns: Decision Mode.

This week’s newsic mix: #2 It’s as if people have pitchforks and torches made specifically for Xbox Music

If you’re having a slow news day, just write some article about Xbox Music. Doesn’t matter what context you write it in, because just those two words seems to bring all the readers and the comments to the yard. Everyone loves to flood in and rail Xbox Music for not being Zune. “Oh if only it was like Zune. I miss Zune. Xbox Music sucks.”

Let me get this straight: When Zune was around, I never heard this much by way of support as I do now. Is it because Xbox Music is *that* bad? In fact, all I remember hearing about Zune during its days was how slow it was to compete, it’ll never tear down the iPod juggernaut, why would people want to rent their music when they can buy it, why isn’t the Zune HD more like the iPod Touch. Here’s Microsoft late to the game again. Squirt…that’s a stupid term.

We suddenly forget all that stuff, huh? I’m not saying Xbox Music is perfect, it’s far from that. But don’t see the use of the term Xbox Music as a dog whistle for you to come in and play Monday morning quarterback about how suddenly Zune should’ve never left. Xbox Music is now updating every two weeks, they’ve opened up a site for you to give feedback. I know, from chatting with the team, they want this service to be as good (if not better) that what Zune left behind. They aren’t some faceless entities who are putting anything out there, then wringing their hands and laughing.

They care. You should too.

This week’s newsic mix: #3 Satya Nadella’s Letter to Employees

I hear that if you read his letter backwards, you hear Steve Ballmer’s voice yelling “Developers” or something. Folks, it’s the CEO making sure that the employees better understand what their common goals are. There is such a thing as parsing and slicing too deeply.

Oh, and this does nothing to quell the “Microsoft will sell Xbox” commentary that continues.

This week’s newsic mix: The Playlist. (listen, for free, on Xbox Music)

  • “Real Gone Kid”, Deacon Blue
  • “Paradise”, Coldplay
  • “Go To Jail”, Lisa Lashes
  • “S.O.S.”, Lightning Bolt
  • “Catch Me If You Can”, Stars Go Dim
  • “Your Love”, Mark Knight
  • “Anaconda”, Wolfgang Gartner
  • “Rude”, Magic

That’s it, folks. See you next week.

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