I wanted to first take a moment to thank those who have been supportive of these weekly Music Mixes. It feels good to know that people are using these to discover new music or fall in love with old favorites. I take these weekly playlists very seriously, and only present songs that truly caught my ear — I’d probably do well as a playlist curator for some music service.

Also, note that the links, if you look at past articles pretty much expire when I post the next music mix. If you want to find out what the previous songs are, keep an eye on my running music mix archive.

Marques’ Xbox Music Mix for June 13, 2014 (click to listen on Xbox Music):

  • “Running”, Eliane Elias
  • “Carried Away”, Passion Pit
  • “We Are The People”, Empire of the Sun
  • “Priest or Police”, Van Hunt
  • “Sexual Revolution”, Macy Gray
  • “Sweet Nuthin'”, Chrissie Hynde
  • “One Wish For Me”, Miguel Migs
  • “Fools”, Rachel Stevens
  • “Truly Unique”, Asheru
  • “Elouise”, Maps

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