Quick Word: Accessories

With only days left until the new Zunes hit the shelves we all knew we would be seeing those new accessories Microsoft promised hitting store shelves too, however what we didn¹t realize was that they would be there in a timely manner. Typically with knew device launches such as Apple¹s iPod line and the last generation Zune, there¹s a delay in between when the new device is available in store and when you can pickup quality accessories to augment it¹s functionality.

Back in early October we all complained that we wanted to see new devices immediately not a month after, but what if the month delay was deliberately implemented in order to insure that there would at least be a handful of directly compatible accessories.
So here we are with about five days until launch and even places such as Best Buy, which are usually slow to adopt new accessories, have new cases for the Zune 4 and Zune 8.

The bottom line is although depending on who you ask Microsoft may have done a so-so job on truly making a unique player, it seems they have mastered the art of maintaining secrecy when in comes to planning a product and still being able to tout an army of available accessories when that device launches, something anyone who has purchased an Apple player soon after it¹s release can identify with. (I remember looking for a case after buying a scratch prone iPod with Video). Congrats to the Zune Team. Even if you guys don¹t manage to immediately change the way we listen to our music you have shown us that there is a way to give us unexpected new devices and provide time for accessory makers to catch up. In the end it¹s not only how good you make the device it¹s also the ecosystem that supports it.

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