Quick Word: Cheaper in a Flash

Has anyone noticed that over the past couple of weeks we’ve been hearing alot about lower flash prices? Ok, so I can buy things that use flash for cheaper, cheaper memory cards for video games, cell phones, and cameras, check. Cheaper solid state hard drives for use in ultra-portable computers for faster response times, sounds good. Media players with larger amounts of storage for the same or less then what I paid for a year ago, now that is motivating.

I mean let’s consider this for a moment. Close your eyes and journey into the world of Imagination Land. You enter your local Target store and what do you see in the cage? Ah, a new third generation Zune. It still has a wide screen
and wi-fi social functions however what differentiates itself in other ways. It’s thin by Zune standards making the Zune 30 from just two years prior look like the brick everyone says it was like to hold. You can fill it to the brim with content. Hundreds of songs, dozens of movies, and even enough space to hold all those songs you just received from your friend across the room. Then let’s turn it on. Check out how fast that thing scrolls through your songs. Click and it loads your video in the blink of an eye.

Okay, okay i’ll stop but you guys get the point. With these guys getting better prices on flash memory to include in their players, they are going to pass on the savings and I can promise you they’ll be the best yet. Apple lower it’s price on the iPod Shuffle making it the company’s most afforadable player ever which for them, is no small feat. I think a Zune 30 with exactly 32 GBs of storage is on the way in the fall to replace the current Zune 30 and when it does, We’ll see one of the most affordable, viable, media players from the Zune Team in the market.

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