Quick Word: Color Anxiety

Everyone knows that the best thing about having a device to call your own is the ability to customize it to fit your personality. As of late a lot of companies have saw fit to release their most popular devices in different colors to help with flagging sales. Lots of blogs have made comments, as to this being something negative or something that should be frowned upon because it’s an obvious attempt at bumping sales figures up. Today’s “A Quick Word”, is straight to the point. I love my zune, I love it a lot. i would love it even more if i was able to get it in one of those cool colors that are now starting to hit the streets. Will i buy a new player just to get it in the color i want? No chance. Will it make it easier for a new buyer to find a color they want? Maybe. Does it make everyone who bought a zune back in November extremely jealous? You bet. Keep the colors coming Redmond. If you have them by their color choice, their hearts and minds will follow!

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