Quick Word: Forget Zune 2

  1. Better video support on both the hardware and software are a must. Honestly all i’m asking for is the ability to sort my videos and TV Shows like you can with every other player. Also showing other codecs some love wouldn’t hurt either, maybe even the format that Windows Media Center records to?
  2. A Clock would be grand. i can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to have to check my cheap watch to see the time when I have an expensive modern toy in my hand. I mean really, who’s idea was it to not include one, who ever it was should be dragged into the street in shot. Seriously!
  3. A complete Zune software rewrite would be awesome however just a revision of just the user interface would also be a step in the right direction. Putting a new interface on Windows Media Player and stripping it of some of it’s features should be punishable by hanging.

Of course there’s plently more where that came from but I won’t list it here. My point in it’s entirity is that before you go releasing a new product can we fix the flaws in the current one?

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