Quick Word: From Black to Red

A couple of months ago I did a quickwords on the new colors that were going to be released alongside white, black and brown. (If your’e interested you can find it here ). Chances are if your’e reading this you know about the new red Zune being released just in time for Fathers Day. Currently I have a black Zune and before I had a white bersion and as you might have guessed i’ll be switcing to red June 10th, (No I didn’t pay for them all, and I won’t be paying for the new one either. The location i purchased my orginal device has a very generous return policy.) When I saw the pictures I was esctatic, I mean red is one of my favorite colors! I was in Zune nervana geek haven if you will and nothing could bring me down until I realized that in the comments section were some of the most negative remarks I had ever read about Zune and most were from fellow zuners. I won’t repeat them here but they got me to thinking, why had my fellow cool white Zune loving, brown Zune worshipping, black Zune appreciating friends turned red with anger becuase Microsoft has released yet another new color? Honestly is this color so cool that it makes you guys think the Zune team has turned it’s back on you? As it turns out actually the answer to my questions was now. Hey Microsoft Zuners aren’t ticked off becuase you are releasing the device to match the rainbow, they’re ticked off becuase you keep slapping different paint on the same firmware and calling it a special edition.

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