Quick Word: Lack of Updates

Recently Microsoft Corporation employee and Zune Team member Cesar Menedez of the ZuneInsider blog posted about Zune updates or lack there of. As you could possibly expect the vast majority of the comments his post generated were negative. As little as just a few days ago I would have been happy to stand up for Cesar and the beating the Zune Team’s reputation is taking over firmware updates but at last after installing Microsoft Windows Vista onto my primary media machine my instinct tells me I would be hurting my own credibility as well as lying.

I won’t pretend that I have have any answers when it comes to the digital audio player marketplace. That being said it would appear that at the moment Zune isn’t just trying to fight the iPod + iTunes establishment but, also hold on to the early adopters that are attempting to spread the word about their product. The sad truth is most users don’t want new functionality, but actually want the product to do well what they were first promised it would do. Let’s clean up the hardware and software issues, then you can start on adding video sharing, (a clock would be a life saver though).

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