Quick Word: To Blog

Anyone who’s actually taken a look at a lot of the blogs that make up the zune community knows that it seems everyone who purchased a zune curiously seems to also have blogged on the subject? Just a while ago ClicZune did a story on a gentleman who not only believed his two cents would be valued, but also he couldn’t actually tell us his two cents on camera in his living room, and we would actually take him seriously. I would like to state for the record that the statements below are not to offend anyone at anytime.

  1. If people actually care about your opinion you wont have to give it without them asking.
  2. Punctuality on a topic is key. Taking time to review a product is one thing, but taking six months and force feeding us the same information provided by everyone else is quite another.
  3. Tell us why you feel the way you feel! We not only want to know why a product is useless, we want to know why your ‘e taking the time to tell us that it’s useless.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that i want a vast assortment of blogs to go away so ZuneSpring’s users will spike. What i want is a real community who shares knowledge they’ve accumulated about new products who takes they’re duty to inform the public about tech seriously. Oh and honestly, if you’re going to publish a review in video format include the actual product at least once. If you did a review on the Zune you should actually own won. If you don’t have a zune why make a review at all? I think it’s high time to write a blogger & reviewers code of conduct. Wait here, I’ll send in the bureaucrats.


(Note: of course it would be a great idea to hold zunespring to that also.)

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