“Zune: You were no Kin
But MS wasn’t in this to win
Forcing me to use my WP as a music player is a sin
I’m still proud to take my iPod alternative for a spin”

Mary Jo Foley
Editor, All About Microsoft blog on ZDNet

Image Credit: PodTech

One Comment on “The Long GoodBye: Mary Jo Foley”

  1. There is an important point. I know when I was a regular on Zunerama, there was constant talk around the time of the introduction of the Zune HD that a “Zune Phone” might be in the workings. Many of us argued that multipurpose devices were not always ideal. Case in point, the handy bookshelf audio systems that included a turntable, Cadette recorder and tuner and speakers. No single component in those was as good, powerful or precise as similar single-purpose components. As much as we love our smartphones, we don’t wish to lug printers around, larger-than-the-palm-of-our-hand monitors, or separate routers. Combining all these things, even on our beloved Windows Phones always means a compromise of some sort.

    I rarely used the Internet Browser on my HD, Twitter, Messaging or even money. Only apps related to music (AudioSurf and AlbumShuffle) were used regularly and to be quite honest, the Zune cards and social took up too much space. I used it religiously to listen to podcasts, music and view an occasional short video. The player on my Titan, while good, is put to shame anytime I grab my HD.

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