“It’s unconventional to be so attached to a gadget, but for some reason that’s exactly what has happened to me and my Zune (and I’m sure, the same has happened to others in the community). I still have my nonworking brownie, the brown Zune 30. It sits in my drawer, just collecting dust. Microsoft got a few things wrong, others things just fell short to the public eye, but it remains that the best thing they did was in fact The Social. I believe this is why I keep my Zune 30. Seeing it reminds me of the amazing community that it has given me — from lifelong friends and colleagues like Anna, Jared, and Jon at Zunited to awesome friendly competition like Travis. So when I think about saying goodbye to Zune, it almost feels like saying goodbye to a piece of me — a very important part of my life. That’s what the Zune brand means the most to me: community. I’m sad to see it go.”

Michael Collado

 Zunited.net Administrator 

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