One of the amazing things about new music Tuesday is the sheer volume of diversity that gets released every week. It seems that there’s at least one or two albums that are released in every style and genre. It makes for great all-day listening when you have a chance to sample so much variety.

Oh and for those of you asking the new Rush album *is* available in the Zune marketplace, but it’s not available for use with Zune Music Pass.

And speaking of Zune Music Pass and all, you have to wonder if the new Xbox Music service will do better about new releases. I personally hope that they keep the playlist of 10 songs collected from the new albums that are out. That offers a fantastic sampling of what’s new and gives people a good introduction to see what they may want to listen to further.

Anyhow, having checked out a great deal of the music this week here are my winners (and if it seems like I’m doing a different format for this article every week don’t worry it will iron itself out soon enough):

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Winner(s) of the Week

Two albums get the gold star this week – The Lion, The Beast, The Beat by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Dirty Bass by Far East Movement. From top to bottom these albums brought some fantastic beats and are worthy of a spin through your ear canal.

[Music Marketplace – The Lion, The Beast, The Beat] [Music Marketplace – Dirty Bass]


Notable Releases

 I think I’m becoming more critical and picky about what hip-hop I recommend but Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, and Family by Wocka Flocka Flame is a solid outing. If you’re into country music Josh Turner’s Punching Bag is a great record. My other thumbs up goes to Jimmy Fallon for his comedy CD Blow Your Pants Off. And I defy you to not stare at that cover. 🙂

Those are my recommendations. As always, let me know what you’re listening to and what you recommend. I’m always up for hearing what’s driving your headphones/speakers.

[Music Marketplace – Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, and Family] [Music Marketplace – Punching Bag] [Music Marketplace – Blow Your Pants Off]

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