*Tap, tap* Is this thing on? Ahem, hey folks this is Marques Lyons a.k.a. Tromboneforhire and I’m bringing you a new weekly segment called “This Week in New Music”. This is where I give a bit of a lowdown on the new music releases and let you know what I think is worthy of a spin in your favorite media player.  Also, I’ll recommend some songs from the vault (read: not new releases) that you may want to go back and check out, if you haven’t already.

If you follow me on Twitter (and really, you should be) then you know I like to talk music, so come back to enConnected every week and let me know what you’ve been hearing.

Ready? Let’s Go!


New Releases:

As humorous as it is that Aerosmith’s song for GI Joe has been released, it’s pretty good. “Legendary Child” has that great Aerosmith sound and you can totally imagine some scenes from the movie playing out. Well, you can keep imagining because the movie isn’t coming out till next year.

R. Kelly’s song “Feelin’ Single” is his latest… single (see what I did there!?). Say what you want about R. Kelly and his private life but when he wants to put out a fantastic track, he can bring his R&B best, just as he did here.

Travis Porter’s From Day 1 is also a nice piece of hip-hop. Specifically, the tracks “Aww Yea” and “Pop A Rubber Band” will get you groovin.

Finally, hidden away from the front page is a new single by electronic artist Avicii, called “Silhouettes“. Great sound and definitely one that could get people lively on the dance floor.


From The Vault:

If you haven’t checked out Robert Glasper’s latest album Black Radio you really should. Two of my favorite tracks are “Afro Blue” featuring the vocal styles of Erykah Badu and “Smells Like Teen Spirit“. Yes, the same song that is part of the staple of Nirvana hits. It’s quite interesting to hear that song get a more jazzed treatment.

Finally, I have to mention the latest release from electronic/dance artist BT called Laptop Symphony. Laptop Symphony is the name of BT’s weekly satellite radio show and is also the name of his tour as he goes around clubs. Reason being is that he’s using his laptop full of beats to create new audio experiences everywhere he goes. This album is designed to give you a sampling of what a live performance feels and sounds like. The album is available in both a long-form (one continuous track) and broken down track-by-track.

So that’s what I have this week. I’m looking forward to hearing feedback and finding out, from you guys, what you have your ear on. It’s usually here where people try to end their weekly column with some sort of clever tagline. I don’t have one. If you have an idea for one, drop a comment. I’m curious to hear what you guys come up with.

[awkward silence] [walks away]

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