This is another somewhat strange week in music. Not only do we have new releases from some current pop and country superstars, including Demi Lovato, Michael Buble, Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan, this week also sees a brand new release from Jimi Hendrix (who died in 1970) and Krokus (an 80s metal band that probably should have stayed in the 80s).

Notable Singles & EPs

  • Demi LovatoHeart Attack
  • Michael BubleIt’s a Beautiful Day – A decent song, with a bit of a new sound from Michael Buble. This song is more in the vain of Hollywood than most of his other, slower, more reflective, original songs.
  • Brad PaisleyBeat This Summer

Notable Albums

  • Jimi HendrixPeople, Hell & Angels – This is pretty wild. Hearing new music from Jimi Hendrix more than 40 years after his death. This album is made up of a bunch of tracks Hendrix recorded without “The Experience”. The tracks sound like classic Hendrix, and are quite cool to hear.
  • Luke BryanSpring Break: Here to Party
  • They Might Be GiantsNanobots – This album is a lot of fun (as any TMBG album should be). The general sounds and rhythms that TMBG use in their songs are starting to feel a tiny bit recycled, but it’s still quite enjoyable.
  • How to Destroy AngelsWelcome Oblivion – For those not familiar with How To Destroy Angels, they are the group that Trent Reznor formed after he decided to retire Nine Inch Nails. This group is much more mellow than most of the stuff Reznor did with NIN. It’s pretty cool, but definitely not something you want to listen to to try to pump yourself up.
  • Boz ScaggsMemphis
  • KrokusDirty Dynamite – I had no idea that Krokus was back on the scene. I don’t really remember anything about Krokus that stood out from when I was younger; I just remember them being included on all of the “metal” compilations I would pick up at truck stops as a kid. This new album sounds quite a bit more like AC/DC than much of their older stuff did (which, apparently, is the sound they’ve been trying to emulate for 3o years).
  • Various ArtistsShake It Up: I <3 Dance

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