My 1994 Ford Taurus had served me well for the past seven years, delivering me from place to place on reliably day after day, in time even if it wasn’t in style. This past weekend she kicked the bucket and sent me reeling into a strange world of hidden costs, shady dealings.

I’m referring of course, to the wonderful land of milk and cookies that is Craigslist. I knew early on that, I’d need to hit the site and power browse for exactly what I was looking for. Enter 815 Productions myCraigsAds. For $1.99 it’s a one stop shop for browsing, searching, and becoming completely obsessed with trying to find a new car. Sure, the app has a ridiculous long list of features including location mapping, saved search, and a built in web browser however, my most used and prized feature has to be its ability to display results via Live Tiles. It was completely worth the price of entry and I plan on using it long after my search for wheels has ended.

Because I’m so picky, the few times I did have to leave the relative comfort of Downtown Richmond, I needed wheels and Hertz for Windows Phone delivered the goods. Yeah, the application could use a little work, expecting me to routinely enter logins each time I open the application is downright nuts, but the application is available on Windows Phone and works reliably. I can’t say that’s standard for other companies of their size just yet.

So far, I’ve yet to find exactly what I’m looking for, again I’m picky. I hope to find something over the next week, and with an impending car note on the way once I do; I’m going to have to find ways to save. This morning I decided to give GasBuddy a go and so far I’ve yet to be disappointed. Again, live tile integration here is key and this app has that aplenty. We’re talking pinning your favorite gas station locations and being able to see their updated pricing thought the day, without having to open the app. Best of all the app is cheap, we’re talking free, baby.

I’ll catch you guy’s next week for what’s sure to be one hell of a Windows Phone App Flow, Nokia’s sure to make things interesting on Tuesday at Nokia World, (I’m hoping and praying for more of those cool exclusive apps they’ve been providing for only their Windows Phone users). In the meantime let me know on Twitter if  you’ve got any suggestions of apps we should share on topics we should cover, my username is @harlemS. Until next time, I’ll see you in the streets! You know, walking on the sidewalk.

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