I’m writing a book. Well, technically, I’ve written a book. For months I’ve been talking up the Xbox Handbook. I’m still posting chapters to The en before they’re compiled into the actual guide over the summer. The worst kept secret in gaming is that Microsoft and Sony are preparing new hardware for their press conferences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Supposedly, Microsoft is allegedly calling one of its upgraded units the Xbox One Scorpio.

I’m seeing the six different stages of grief out there. We’re talking folks lamenting the death of the five-year console cycle. Gamers upset at the idea that they may need to purchase a new console to get the best experience. I’m also seeing some people who are as happy as one can possibly be without reading the lottery.

All the Ways The Xbox One Scorpio Might Stink

So let’s get the rumor foundation set right now. Though Thurrott.com is absolutely credible, what we’re talking about is rumor. If Microsoft leaves the stage on June 13th having not announced this stuff, you know where to send your flaming pitchforks.

Brad Sams, Polygon and Kotaku all believe that Microsoft has a new Xbox One coming this year. Allegedly, this console will take up 40% less space than current Xbox One. So far, we’re not hearing any other specifics besides that. It’s a slim version of the console you already own. Sams also believes that there are two Xbox TV devices coming too, but that’s for another editorial.

Here’s where things get interesting, allegedly, another Xbox One – codenamed Scorpio – will bring some hardware upgrades to Xbox One next year. Reportedly, it’ll be more technically powerful than today’s console, but still belong to the Xbox One family that Microsoft introduces at E3.

It’s Xbox One Scorpio that folks are worried about.

They’re worried because we’ve never had two consoles in a single generation that used the same core architecture but have upgrades aimed at delivering better visuals. At least, not with Xbox. Theoretically, gamers who want the best visual experience would pick up this new – definitely more expensive Xbox One. For the first time, console gamers will have to get used to the same, “is my hardware good enough,” games that PC gamers do. So yeah, that would stink for anyone that purchased an Xbox One and thought they were getting the best Microsoft had to offer for at least the next five years.

On the other hand, Microsoft could do this the smart way and prevent developers from creating games that would only work on Scorpio at some point. We’re certainly about to get stuck in a never-ending loop of buying the latest version of the Xbox every few years to get the best visuals.

All the Reasons a Xbox One Scorpio Might Rock

I have to be honest with you folks. I’m excited by a transition to a different way of doing things. I’m also that guy that enjoys getting lost in the woods so that I can find a new route to get to the same place. Ask any medical professional and they might classify me as insane.

I don’t know if Xbox One Scorpio is real. I do know that being able to get the best visuals is something that a growing number of gamers have wanted from the Xbox One since it launched. This gives the Xbox ecosystem the chance to blossom. Think of it this way, everyone has their choice of console. You chose the right one by gauging how much you care about visuals and the denseness of your wallet. The Xbox One is a Windows PC, I’ll be it a good-looking Windows PC with a different logo. Microsoft is really just doing what gaming PC makers are already doing, but bringing it to the living room so that it’s at least palpable.

Allegedly, Microsoft might even team up with Oculus Rift to bring virtual reality support to Xbox One. Am I buying the Oculus Rift? Nope, but the Xbox One is already running Windows. It’s not like there’d be a lot of work for the two companies to make this happen.

I’d say in all, I’m cautiously optimistic about these Xbox One Scorpio rumors and heresy. Does that make me a traitor to the ideals of console owning and the promise of one piece of hardware being your gaming station for a half-decade? It absolutely does.

I’m not buying, but a little love for everyone isn’t a bad thing.

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