What’s that you say? You needed a little audio delight to brighten the tale end of another week? We’ve got just the thing, an all new episode of enConnected LIVE!

This week Travis talks with gaming journalist Justin Amirkhani about GamerUnplugged, a backpacking trip that will take him across the United States to visit some of the most talented developers in gaming on any platform. We’ve also got a look at the next wave of Windows Phone devices making their way to consumers including a look at the HTC TITAN 2 with The Verge, the Nokia Lumia 900 with Soldier Knows Best, and the Samsung Focus 2 with Phone Area.


Justin Amirkhani



HTC TITAN 2 with The Verge

Nokia Lumia 900 with Soldier Knows Best

Samsung Focus 2 with Phona Area

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