No one who’s ever seen the collection of random music on my Zune will ever testify to have ever seen an R&B artist on my Zune and thats partially because for the most part there aren’t any. I won’t pretend here, i’ve never been a big fan. There’s just something in my head that prevents me from listening to people begging for other’s affection in lyrics. It’s just lame, that being said after today I can honestly say, that may never be the case again. Back in 2007 Chrisette Michele hit the scene with her first album I Am. which was pretty much a testament to how people who actually had talent could showcase it without turning to catching hooks, and cheap promotion. This time she managed to keep that vibe while building what one would be crazy to not consider one of the most well produced and performed albums of the year. It’s not just the soul behind the title track Epiphany but that range she shows through out the entire album. Seriously if you like overpowering vocals then I’m Okay is what you want to fast forward to. If you want soul ala’ Aretha Franklin then Another One will put a smile on your face, and a switch in your step. Bravo Miss Michele. You managed to turn me into an R&B fan, no easy feat I assure you. Infact when listening to the album you aren’t just compelled to find out more about the tracks and the artist herself, but inspired to take a look at the entire R&B genre as a whole to see what you’ve missed. If your’e into the female vocal R&B genre this is THE album to listen to. Give it a try you won’t be dissapointed. Both the ealier “I Am” and “Epiphany” are available via Zune Marketplace or wherever you buy your music.


| AlbumDrop: Chrisette Michele’s Epithany

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