Sa-Ra Creative Partners’s music is a mixture of different sounds. The group, comprised of Om’Mas Keith, Taz Arnold, and Shafiq Husayn was formed in the late 1990s from a trio of industry producers, musicians, and executives. The Hollywood Recordings, was released on Babygrande Records on April 24, 2007. Nuclear Evolution : The Age of Love was released on June 23 , 2009. This music is for anyone that’s open to change and something different. Sa-Ra may not be as well known as other artist but I can guarantee that the group is very talented and unique in their own way. Infact ‘The Age of Love’ is so good each listener should be able to find a song to make their favorite. So go ahead and give theme a listen. Sa-Ra Creative Partners isn’t just music, afterall it’s not just what you like in music that should entertain you, it’s what new sounds you can learn to love.

| AlbumDrop: Sara’s The Age of Love

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